New Liverpool Development to Create a LEED Certified Sustainable Retail Destination

Liverpool development Banksy’s famous graffiti wall is not the only attraction that marks the outskirts of this large northern town. This growing town is the perfect location to start or grow a new business. There are plenty of small boutiques and galleries in the area of Banksy’s graffiti art that can help you to find a new home for your family, create a business opportunity or simply enjoy an evening on the town with friends. Liverpool Banksy’s is not just a unique location, it is a thriving community.

How to Find New Liverpool Development to Create a LEED Certified Sustainable Retail Destination

This first eco-development project in the UK will see the setting up of a theme park encompassing four themed areas namely Southport, Piccadilly Circus, The Banksy tunnels and New Liverpool Street. The New Liverpool Street will feature a giant Walking Tunnel featuring original and new digital technology that will allow visitors to interact with the film and interactive installations. The Banksy tunnels will be eight miles long and located under the London River Thames. These are the remnants of the banks that were destroyed during the Second World War and now are being recreated as an art form by the world renowned artist Banksy. The Banksy Postcard is a wall mounted graffiti piece that can be seen along the banks of the river.

With the New Liverpool project and the Liverpool Arts Council (LAC) in progress the next Liverpool eco-friendly project is expected to be the establishment of a city centre green district that will be home to the world’s first eco-friendly supermarket. The project by Canadian company OSB Energy which involves the installation of five solar panels on the roof of the proposed New Liverpool Street will have a huge impact on the area’s green image and will provide residents with a much more eco-friendly shopping experience. It is hoped that other retailers will follow in the footsteps of the world renowned artist Banksy and the installation of these colourful, lively shops in the New Liverpool Street area of Liverpool will really help to promote a greener, cleaner and more environmentally friendly lifestyle to residents here in the UK.