Bose Videobar VB1 – A Complete Digital Video Conference Device

Bose Videobar VB1 – A Complete Digital Video Conference Device

The Bose Videobar VB1is a ftg bose videobar versatile, all-in-one multi-purpose audio/video conferencing product that brings high-definition video and audio to small to mid-size business meetings – from small huddle groups to large, room-size events. Be heard clearly. Be heard and seen more clearly than you are. Six well positioned beam Steering microphones automatically concentrate on external voices in the vicinity of the conference room, eliminating the need for you to hold a video camera yourself.

Bose sidebar vb1 comes complete with built-in, double-sided VGA output with clear, uniform resolution. It’s ready for direct connect with your work computer or laptop via the USB port and also has two DVI connections with separate support for either DVI-D or DVI-A. The dual video outputs can be used to connect up to three different sources. For added versatility, the company also includes built-in, rackmountable standmountable power cable. For advanced work configuration software, the company also includes the previously mentioned software CD that can be downloaded immediately upon purchase.

To summarize, the Bose sidebar vb1 is a multi-functional, multi-seat, all-in-one conferencing product that gives you access to up to five external users at the same time. At the same time, it allows you to conduct a wide range of activities simultaneously, from presentations to remote collaboration with team members across the globe. And best of all, it’s not just for big businesses. Its compact size and wireless functionality make it perfect for both small and large-scale business, whether it’s a small firm with just five employees or a multi-national corporation employing hundreds of people. Furthermore, because it’s equipped with a completely flat USB-C connector, no external devices are necessary to use this amazing device. All you need is a standard USB cable and you’re ready to go.

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